New Version 2.0.4_j16 for Joomla 1.6/7/2.5


[#30130] language error(s)

( only a small language fix as preparation for joomla 3 branch )

CBJUICE V2-3.3.1 Alpha version for CB 2.0

Alpha version for Joomla! 3.3 and up only, CB 2.0 and up only. If you are using an earlier version of CB, please use CBJUICE2-3.1.6

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دانلود جوملا 3.3.6 فارسی تیم جوملا فارسی

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NokGeneric Template 1.0 release

The goal of this template is: Give the power of configuration to the administrator without knowing HTML, PHP or CSS and it is fully resonsive.

new v2.88.00 for joomla 1.6 or later

The plugin for joomla 1.6 or later has been upgraded with pgn4web 2.88