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简体中文Chinese(Simplified)chinesesimkaifully translate joomla to simplified chinese.
简体中文 4CHSha4chs简体中文 Chinese(Simplified) All language package for Joomal and some important addons. Also, we are doing manual translation.
ماژول لحظه شمار جوملاgrand_countdownThis Extension displays a countdown to a specific date. Once the date is reached, a countup can be displayed.
ماژول اوقات شرعیgptimesماژول اوقات شرعی - سازگار با جوملا 3 Grand Prayer Times Module displays Prayer Times for 31 different zones in Iran. Features: - Joomla 3.x , 2.5 , 1.5 Native - Compatible with SEF - Synchronizes module's time with server time. - Automatically/manually adjusts clock for daylight saving changes in the first half of the year. - Allows user to select default zone.
فارسی ساز جوملا! 1.6jper16Persian (Farsi) translate for joomla! 1.6
دانلود جوملا فارسیpersianjoomlaTranslation/Localization of Joomla! for Persian (Farsi) language. Http://www.joomlalearn.Com
جوملا فارسی 3 joomla3joominajoomla 3 persian lang . localization and tranlated
Zyuras Ajax Shoutboxzyushoutboxj15Updated Ajax Shoutbox based on AJAX Shoutbox by RISP. This version was adopted from Ajax Shoutbox 1.2 from http://risperdal.student.utwente.nl. Additional Notes: * using new Joomla! 1.5 language systems (English only) so com language can't no longer be used. * independent default css file * independent shoutbox javascript files
Z WeatherzweatherZ Weather is a component and module combination that displays weather from U.S. cities using data provided by the National Weather Service . Forecasts, current conditions and weather alerts are supported. Weather for either a single city or multiple cities can be displayed. Many display options are available, including single and multiple day forecasts, 12 hour or 24 hour forecast display , popup weather window (overlib), and vertical and horizontal layout options. Z Weather is free to use and DOES NOT have any advertising that some other weather products require. A demo of the component and module can be seen at http://www.zcontent.net
Zviad NarimanidzekartuliGeorgian Frontend for Joomla 2.5
zSpam KillerzspamkillerZambi Spam Killer is a package to help site administrators fight unwanted access to the Joomla! site and forums
Zoom Media Gallery 3zmgtake2Zoom Media Gallery is the premier media gallery for Joomla.
Zoom Expose Galleryzoom_exposeMigration. Zoom Expose Gallery brings you the best of the combination of Zoom Media Gallery (for the administration) and Exposé 4 (for the front end).
zOOmCatzoomcatThis plugin (mambot) works in concert with Zoom Media Gallery (ZMG). It creats a gallery, referenced by the category ID that ZMG gives it, inside Joomla content rather than inside the ZMG Component. The Gallery created is tableless and based on CSS that can be modified from the plugin parameter panel or via your own template files CSS. To use ZoomCat just enter the following code into your Joomla content: {zoomcat catid=AnyZoomCategory } Where AnyZoomCategory is your ZMG catid Examples can be seen at: http://joomla.valleyhill.net or http://www.innervisions-products.com/photos
Zlio products modulezlioproductsDo you know Zlio? Create your own shop with Zlio! This module shows Zlio zones (Selected products from your Zlio shop) on your joomla website.
zigChatzigchatzigchat is a joomla shoutbox
Zeus Exploit CheckerzeusKeeps your websites safe from public exploits on outdated plugins by informing you of any potential threats which could affect your website.
Zenphoto modulemod_zenphotoView a selected album of an existing Zenphoto gallery (http://www.zenphoto.org) in a Joomla! 1.5 module.
Zefania BiblezefaniabibleZefania Bible uses zephinia xml bibles to bring word of God to all people of the world.
ZebraToolszebratoolsZebraTools is a project which starts with the developing of an enhanced version of RokLatest (developed by RocketTheme and modified by FinLy Arifin). In the future we are planning to develop more modules and mambots for content management in Joomla!
Zarrinpal joominajoominazarinpreparing gayway for zarrinpal .
Zanox webservicezanoxwsExtensions that use the Zanox webservice to display products that are related to the page content.
zambiPMzambipmPrivate Messaging system for use with Joomla! 2.5+ and Kunena 2.0+
ZakAuthor2CBPluginzakauthor2cbFinally, a Joomla! 1.5 and Community Builder 1.2 successor to CB Authorbot. If you don't already know what authorbot does, it links the author's name in an article to their Community Builder profile. Now available as a Joomla! 1.5 plugin, CB ZakAuthorPlugin is currently in alpha. Please test and submit bug reports and patches to help improve it!
Zahoor AhmedsindhijoomlaThis is Sindhi Translation of joomla
yvTransliterateyvtransliterateyvTransliterate is Transliteration plugin for Joomla! 1.5 - 2.5, and it's free. The plugin transliterates article aliases, that are used in Search engine optimization (SEO) for creation of Search engine friendly (SEF) slugs (URLs). It takes into account "Content Language" of the article. And it may also be used by any other Joomla! extension to transliterate text strings. Language packs are supported: they contain transliterations for additional languages. For Joomla 1.5 use yvTransliterate v.1.x For Joomla 1.6 - 1.7 use yvTransliterate v.2.0.x For Joomla 2.5 use yvTransliterate v.2.1.x
yvSmileyyvsmileyyvSmiley is a Smiley (Emoticon) extension for Joomla! 1.5 - 2.5. It may show smileys in your Articles (working as content plugin), on the whole page (so, you will have smileys everywhere), or it may be used by any Joomla! extension (as an example, it is integrated into yvComment extension already). For Joomla 1.5 use yvSmiley v.1.x For Joomla 1.6 - 1.7 use yvSmiley v.2.0.x For Joomla 2.5 use yvSmiley v.2.1.x
yvCommentyvcommentyvComment is Joomla! 2.5 native Commenting solution, it is well documented and free. It has two required parts (i.e., extensions): component + plugin. It also has a lot of optional extensions, including Module, Community Builder plugin, Content Subscription plugin and 35 Language packs, so the resulting solution may be very simple or more complex - it's up to you. yvComment supports Captcha (secret word) extensions, Smileys, BBCodes, WYSIWYG editor, Community Builder, JNews and many content plugins and tools designed to work with Articles of Joomla! (e.g. GeSHi). yvComment allows users to add Comments to Articles (and optionally Comments to Comments also). Comments may be stored in the same database table used by content (where they are treated as a special type of Article), or in their own table. yvComment is very deep integrated into the Joomla! core, which it tries to extend and not to duplicate. Old versions: yvComment packages v.1.XX are for Joomla! v.1.5
yvBBCodeyvbbcodeyvBBCode is a BBCode extension for Joomla! 2.5 (for Joomla! 1.5 use yvBBCode v.1.XX). It may replace BBCodes with HTML markup: - on the whole page (so, you may use BBCodes everywhere, even in the places, where Joomla! natively allows plain text only), - or only in your Articles (working as content plugin), - or it may be used by any Joomla! extension to provide "BBCode buttons" for editor and replace BBCodes with HTML markup in text, generated by this extension (as an example, it is integrated into my yvComment extension already). In addition to 'standard' BBCodes, this extension has BBCodes to create dynamic links between Articles. The extension is customizable, so you may choose, what subset of BBCodes to use, what images are used for buttons etc.
YT Weatheryt-weather YT Weather is simple and one of the best weather forecast module for Joomla! This module developed by YesTheme and using Yahoo API to display the weather data for current day and weather forecast next 5 days. The temperature can be displayed in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The wind can be displayed in text mode or graphic mode. This module is very useful for your website, it is easy to install, config and use!
ytabytabYTab Plugin</h1>YTab plugin allows you to add tabs to your articles, based on Yahoo YUI TabView
yr.noyrnoLong term weather forecast display from yr.no weather site.
youyiyi select and translate dictionaryyouyiyiThis module shows "Select and Translate" on line dictionary on Joomla website
Youtube viewsbuyyoutubeviewsBuy youtube views cheap and fast!
YouTube Video List Module youtube_v_listThis module shows selected videos in a list format. Users can select the video they want to watch. This is ideal for showing related videos on your Joomla site. For example, you may want to show videos related to a specific event. Possibilities are endless and this module will be a good value add to your website, if you are planning to use videos on your website. You only need to provide the video size and the video ID from YouTube. IMPORTANT: The description parameter of the module accepts BB code(Bulletin Board Code) which is quite common in forums. Using BB code, you can give an appealing touch to the module looks. The below BB codes are supported. [img]http://joomlademo.sopantech.com/images/joomla_logo_black.jpg[/img] [url="http://joomlademo.sopantech.com/"]eLouai[/url] [mail=" webmaster@your-website.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "]Webmaster[/mail] [size="25"]HUGE[/size] [color="red"]RED[/color] [b]bold[/b] [i]italic[/i] [u]underline[/u] [list][*]item[*]item[*]item[/list] [code]value="123";[/code] [quote]Vote for our extension on JED[/quote] The BB parser is picked from http://elouai.com/
youtube pluginyoutube_pluginsimply permit to embed a youtube video on a joomla content with a nice mootools box
Youtube Playlist PlayeryoutubeplaylistThis module display a list of youtube video items.
Your LibrarybooklibraryWish to organize your book library? Then this extension is for you. It has all you need. Author, year, ISBN, it collects information about your books from Amazon and you can save it as the book describtion
Yosias SelemonamharicjoomlaJoomla! in Amharic
YNewsynewsThis project consists of a component and a module. You can create articles with a date in the past, for example "VIP born" date: "24.12.1955". And the module checks what date is today, and if you have an 24.12. it displays: 57 years ago: VIP born"
YASIG Yet Another Slimbox Image GalleryyasigYASIG stands for Yet Another Slimbox Image Gallery YASIG is a project born because of the practical need to build light, simple to use but configurable gallery in a form of plugin. The concept was inherited after 'Slimbox Image Gallery Plugin for Joomla! v 1.5' (http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/amystephen/frs/) that was left orphaned by its creator, Amy Stephen. It is based upon the Javascript Slimbox script, the light version of well known Lightbox script. For the purpose of YASIG we used altered version of Slimbox, enabling full customization of text strings visible on buttons. Based on this altered version we plan to bring plugin which with just few mouse clicks will prepare eye candy and practical (e.g. fast working, fully customizable) image gallery. YASIG is developed after hours by highly motivated group of professional software developers from North of Poland. Feel free to contact us or join the project.
YaNCyancYaNC - Yet another Newsletter Component
Yahoo Keywords rank Checkery_rank_checkerYet another best tool added to Joomla SEO. Based on request from our users we have released Yahoo rank Checker which checks the keywords Rank in Yahoo Search Engine. Now you can check your keywords rank in your own website as well as provide other users to check ranking in Yahoo search engine. Note This extension requires "curl" and "fopen" function in your PHP configuration file to be enabled otherwise it wont work properly.
YaBuzz - Yet Another BuzzyabuzzYaBuzz is based on official Google Buzz API. It displays "Google Buzz" button in your Joomla site articles. It also shows how many times an article has been buzzed. You can also configure which side of the page you want to show the Buzz button. You can also choose from a number of languages to display in Google Buzz button. You can attach an image as well with the URL you want to post to Google Buzz. In short, it's a clone of Google Buzz API with all features Buzz API support at present.
Xtra Hype Toolbarmod_xhtoolbarWith our special installable toolbar you will be able to listen live from our radio, view podcast,rss feeds, and chat with our online members through our redundant toolbar, and it doesn't stop there download it for your self and take advantage of our community toolbar, everyone is using it why not you don't miss out see for your self. This is a message from XtraHype.com - Keeping The Vybe Alive
XStandardxstandard_2Migration. XStandard is a true, 100% XHTML 1.0 Strict / 1.1 compliant editor for Internet Explorer and Mozilla browsers.
XSL-Menuxsl-menuJoomla! menu modul with serverside XSL templates.
X-Quick jump menu (module)xquickjumpmenuThis Module is a useful and popular drop-down menu feature for the Joomla CMS system. It shows menu items in a drop-down list and has the ability to contain Menu and Submenu items. This Module is an improvement on the "Quick jump menu – drop down menu". X-Improvements This module does everything it did before but after reading mdb76's we decided to carry out the recommended changes and improve the module to allow users to show parent menu items and the ability for the administrator to edit the first text items on the list.
XML IntegratorxmlintegratorXML Integrator is Joomla Component for integrating any XML data structures to Joomla components like Virtuemart.
xml2contentxml2contentmulti site content management for joomla

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