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Joomla Photo Gallery
GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
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Photo gallery is an interactive plugin which enables the users to create their own virtual gallery in no time.

This joomla image gallery is integrated with mac doc effect and smooth gallery , giving your photo gallery a classy look with slideshow effect .When the mouse or pointer is rolled over the photos, the photo which is in contact with the pointer gets blown up and brought to the fore whereas the rest of the photos go to the back.

The "Mac effect" component embeds Smooth Gallery into it. This is a slideshow which can either automatically show the next image (after a changeable amount of time) or the user can switch to the next and previous image.

Best feature is that thumbnails are generated automatically which gives the user a hassle-free experience to view a particular image. By adding the best joomla Photo Gallery, one can create a dynamic website with exquisite look.

Smooth Gallery slideshow

Mac Dock Effect

Facility to upload n number of photos to an album

Option to create multiple albums

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Submitted by Bala Subramaniyam on 2011-08-10 02:26:55

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